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75%+ success rate

We have helped over 50 companies grow to Series A & beyond with asuccess rate of 75%+ for our Managers’ Asian portfolios since 2004

Top class financial return

Our Managers’ financial return on their past & current portfolios compares to the top quartile VC funds returns in Silicon Valley with an IRR of more than 40%

Exclusive investment selection

We select only 6 companies per year to ensure sufficient capacity to support our founders – a model we have followed for last 15 years

A real partnership

We engage with our start-ups like trusted advisors providing the founding teams additional resources with the objective to guide, counsel and help them develop new skills.

A network of partners

To best support our start-ups, we surround ourselves with a range of partners, each experts in their field to support and guide businesses towards global best practices

Support for growth

We remain close to a number of the largest Series A and B funds across the region to make sure we can provide maximum assistance to our start-ups when preparing the next funding rounds

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Since Michael and William led our first round of funding, they have been tremendously generous with their support and tangible advice. Every interaction with them has been useful in making us better founders.



The trust and support given to us by Will and Michael has been invaluable. Working with them, we know we are always dealing with smart and thoughtful investors whose interests are perfectly aligned with us, the founders.

Milad Mohammadzadeh and Sadaf Monajemi


Cocoon Capital has supported us tremendously not only in terms of funding, but also giving us their time and access to their network of advisers

Niles Toh


It has been a pleasure working with William and Michael. They have been working hands on with the company and been very helpful with customer introductions, brainstorming and have even accompanied us to some of our customer meetings!

Inian Parameshwaran