Aprisium is a cutting-edge technology company that provides continuous contamination management with cloud-based data and AI-driven insights. Our mission is to partner with businesses, governments, and regulators to continuously detect and monitor their vulnerable areas of contamination concerns. We provide ongoing decision-making support to help achieve better public health, safety, and a greener environment.  We aim to empower organisations with the information and tools they need to make informed decisions and create a better future for all.

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The Aprisium team

Raghav Narayan

Raghav Narayan
CEO & co-founder

As the CEO of Aprisium, Raghav Narayan brings decades of experience in leading multinational corporations in the automotive, industrial, financial services, and technology sectors. Prior to his current role, Raghav served as General Manager and Managing Director for the Volvo Group for over 24 years, overseeing operations on a global scale. He has also spearheaded the rollout of a B2B SaaS enterprise startup in 26 countries across the Asia Pacific region.


Lars Henrik

Dr. Lars-Henrik Skjolding
CTO & co-founder

Dr. Lars Henrik Skjolding is the CTO at Aprisium, with a PhD in physics and a wealth of experience in chemical and biological sensor design and development. He has spent over 9 years conducting research with a particular focus on nano imprints and nano structured electrochemical sensors. Lars co-founded a cleantech and nanotech startup in the UK and has 12 years of consulting experience on Asia Pacific market intelligence at FactSet Research Systems.


Wini Wong
COO & co-founder

Wini Wong is the COO at Aprisium, with extensive experience in marketing, product management, public relations, and digital transformation. Prior to joining Aprisium, Wini spent over 10 years working for Nokia in various global locations before dedicating 7 years to the edtech sector, utilizing AI for learning. She also co-founded a mobile tech startup in the US in 2006 and successfully sold it in 2008. Wini is passionate about driving innovation and excellence in all aspects of business operations at Aprisium.