SINGAPORE – 18 JUNE 2024ArrowBiome, a cutting-edge Singapore-based biotechnology company, today announced a USD 1 million seed funding round from Cocoon Capital, an early-stage venture capital firm. The investment will support the development and commercialisation of ArrowBiome’s innovative microbiome management solutions which precisely target specific bacterial strains.

ArrowBiome leverages lysins – proteins evolved by bacteriophages – to selectively kill bacteria. Bacteriophages are viruses that infect and replicate within bacteria, often killing their bacterial hosts in the process. By engineering and producing lysins in the lab, ArrowBiome achieves precise bacterial targeting. Their initial target market is fighting acne and body odour. The technology has demonstrated significant efficacy and selectivity across multiple bacterial strains.

ArrowBiome’s proprietary technology addresses a critical need in microbiome management. Current treatments often lack specificity, affecting both beneficial and harmful bacteria. This can lead to the disruption of the natural microbiome balance in the human body and the emergence of antibiotic resistance. ArrowBiome’s targeted approach impacts only harmful bacteria while maintaining a healthy microbiome balance to minimise adverse side-effects.

ArrowBiome will initially offer its solutions to personal care companies, specialty chemical manufacturers, and other businesses within the cosmeceutical industry. One of its platform technologies allows for over 100 times lower doses of active ingredients compared to current market products, achieving the same effectiveness but with minimal side effects.

The global market size for ArrowBiome’s novel skin care solutions is significant. Acne affects approximately 85% of teenagers and young adults worldwide. Additionally, only 2% of people have armpits that never smell, underscoring the demand for more effective deodorant solutions. The US and EU are the largest markets for deodorants, representing considerable growth opportunities.

The seed funding from Cocoon Capital will be used for research & development, clinical validation, establishing more commercial partnerships, and to establish the company as a leader in microbiome management. “We are thrilled to advance our technology and offer innovative solutions to our partners seeking precise microbiome management”, said Dr Boon Chong Goh, Founder and CEO of ArrowBiome. “This funding marks a significant milestone in our journey to become a global leader in microbiome management”. With an initial focus on skin-related applications, the company also plans to develop solutions for gut microbiome and antimicrobial resistance.

Will Klippgen, Managing Partner at Cocoon Capital and newly appointed member of ArrowBiome’s board of directors, added: “ArrowBiome’s groundbreaking approach to microbiome management addresses a critical need in the market. We are excited to support their growth and look forward to seeing their innovative solutions improve global health by launching a sustainable way of killing bacteria”.