Dexecure helps companies increase page views and user engagement by automatically speeding up websites by as much as 40%. Having a fast loading website is critical, especially for e-commerce and media websites. As browsers are constantly updated and devices being launched on a monthly basis, delivering fast web pages is a difficult and time-consuming challenge for webmasters.

Dexecure speeds up websites instantly through a simple, 5 minute integration process. Its advanced algorithms are constantly updated in the background to deliver ultra fast pages to mobiles and desktops almost regardless of bandwidth.

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The Dexecure team

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Inian Parameshwaran

An experienced developer, Inian previously built a scanner which found serious vulnerabilities in websites like the US Green Card website, New York Times, and Bloomberg. Inian has given talks and published research papers in peer-reviewed conferences within web performance and software security. His work has been featured in the Google Developers blog and Smashing Magazine.