FoodRazor was built after the realisation of how tedious, time-consuming and costly it is for restaurants to deal with so many invoices. The company eliminates this problem of messy paperwork for restaurants and make it easy for them to stay on top of their spending.

As of 2020, the SaaS company is helping more than 250 restaurants across Singapore and Australia and is expanding to more and more countries!

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The FoodRazor team

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Niles Toh

Niles is data-driven and passionate about bringing automation to the F&B industry. Having seen his dad work in the supplier industry with restaurants that dealt with numerous stacks of paperwork and invoices, he understands how much precious time is taken away from creating greater recipes and providing amazing dining experiences from owners, chefs and managers. This fuelled his desire to create a product to save key stakeholders in restaurants from being swamped with tedious data-entry tasks.