Frontline is a construction planning simulation and optimisation platform. The company has developed proprietary optimisation algorithms that enable construction companies, operators, and contractors to quickly identify best-in-class construction plans with optimal activity sequencing and resource allocation. Frontline’s software helps construction companies save time and money while improving efficiency. Learn more at https://www.frontlinec.com/

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The Frontline team

Luis Martinez Frontline

Luis Martinez
CEO & Co-founder

Luis is an Industrial engineer with 8 years’ experience working on engineering and construction projects all over the world, the last 6 working for Shell, where he took several roles; starting as an engineer and continuing into driving deployment of new technologies and digitalization solutions, a short stint in technology and professional services sales and lastly as construction manager. In each of those roles, he experienced first hand the same challenges that Frontline is solving today.

Headshot Ruiqi

Ruiqi (Ricky) ding
CEO & co-founder

Ruiqi studied physics at the National University of Singapore and the Max Planck Institute in Germany to then continue his academic research on quantum optimization problems at the Centre for Quantum Technologies. His research enabled him to become an expert in advanced optimization algorithms and decided to leave academia to use this knowledge to solve real problems for customers. As an expert in complex systems he was immediately attracted to the challenges faced by the companies building the most complex infrastructure and buildings in the world.