How we work

You might be interested in contacting us to present your business plan. Before you do so, please have a look below to see answers to some common questions.

Deal sourcing

Deal sourcing via our network, PR efforts, attending events, conferences and demo days and through mentorship opportunities. Companies should have their business deck ready and a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for us to appraise.

What we are looking for?

Singapore holding

We invest in the whole of South East Asia & India, however all companies must have their holding company in Singapore before we write the cheque


We are relaxed and informal, but we can also be pretty straight shooters if required. We will be involved in your project with you, so we need committed teams ready to listen, learn and test

Exit potential

We generally invest in companies where we believe an exit could happen in 6 to 8 years


Whether a copycat or an original idea, your business needs to be scalable in a sufficiently large market and be able to reach critical mass within the next 5 years


We believe investors do a better job if they stay focused. Therefore, we primarily target B2B businesses with a preference for SaaS, e-commerce and fintech. We believe this verticals have the largest chance of success in the current market environment

Strong teams

We look for founders that have the right mix of deep knowledge and the ability to hustle their way through. Good founders also enjoy working together, understand that success takes time and can manage the risk and stress that come with a new venture

“After four years as a founder, I can honestly say that there is no better education on being an entrepreneur than life itself. Having said that, no matter how able or smart one might be; we never know it all. Which is why having a mentor is so important for all entrepreneurs. With Michael, whilst we share the same overall vision and values, naturally there are times where we have different points of view – which I see as a positive rather a negative as a mentor must not only advise, but challenge us to be best we can be. In all I am very grateful for all the time and help Michael has spent with me, and I have a great deal of respect for what he has accomplished not only as an investor but as an entrepreneur. I hope other founders would consider having him onboard as I believe he has helped not only the company, but steered me to become a better CEO.”


Stephanie Chai

Founder, The Luxe Nomad

How does it work?



We only consider applicants that have gone through our online registration system. Please register your company through this link


Time frame

If your plan makes us interested, you’ll be contacted for a personal interview. We will then do due diligence on all your information, if everything squares , we will sign a term sheet and it typically takes 8 to 10 weeks after that until the investment is completed


The investment

We typically invest from S$400 to S$800k , all depending on how much the company needs for a 18 months runway


Keeping it confidential

We promise to keep your application and all information shared with us confidential. However, we only sign non-disclosure terms as part of our term sheet and will not sign any separate NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) prior to that. This is pretty standard practice across most institutional investors

“Go to advisor to call when you need sound-sounding-board. I expect Michael to look at topics from longterm, communication and governance perspective which is some time difficult to focus for early stage startup CEOs with no prior experience.”


Vaibhav Dabhade

Founder and CEO, Anchanto

What are the terms?

Ownership stake

We don’t have any strict ownership requirements but we usually target to own more than 20% of the business after the first round of investment

Leading the round

We invest in a limited number of start-ups each year with a high degree of involvement in leading and coaching the teams. We therefore prefer to lead the seed rounds we participate in

Board seat

We always require at least one board seat for all our seed investments. However, we still find that most of our work with our portfolio companies happens outside the board room

“The best investors are the ones who support you even when the chips are down. We were able to steer through the 2008-2009 downturn only with the help and guidance of Will, who not only helped us put together a bridge round, but also provided much needed moral support to keep us on a growth trajectory.”


Aloke Bajpai

Co-Founder and CEO,