JazzyPay is a Philippine-based fintech startup. Its web and mobile apps enable consumers to make cashless payments to clinics, hospitals and schools directly using credit cards, debit cards, online banking as well as over-the-counter deposits. Its platform also supports online wallets including AliPay, CoinsPH, GCash, GrabPay, WeChat Pay. JazzyPay’s vision is to provide world-class payments and invoicing solutions in the Philippines and other developing countries across Southeast Asia and beyond. Learn more at jazzypay.com.

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The JazzyPay team

Joshua Marindo CEO JazzyPay

Joshua Marindo
CEO & co-founder

Joshua is the CEO of JazzyPay. Having experience in software development projects for both local and international clients since college, his background in tech became a significant stepping stone into his venture as an entrepreneur. Together with Kathleen, he co-founded his first venture into business with Tekibears Software Solutions, Inc., a company that provided software development service and surveillance solutions to its clients. As JazzyPay’s CEO, he leads the constant development of JazzyPay.

Kathleen Acosta
COO & co-founder

Kathleen is the COO of JazzyPay. With a degree in culinary arts, her knowledge and experience in marketing has fuelled JazzyPay for take off. Before establishing JazzyPay, Kath also co-founded Tekibears Software Solutions, Inc. together with Joshua. As the COO, Kath makes sure that she is directly involved in connecting with our partners and potential leads, because she never misses an opportunity to let them know that JazzyPay cares.