Lendela believes there is a better way to find your next unsecured person loan while at the same time deliver high quality customers to its bank partners & credit providers.

The company brings more than a decade worth of experience optimising consumer-centric financial platforms in both Europe and South America. With its well developed model and technology, the team has already processed millions of loan applications in both Scandinavia and Brazil throughout the years. In 2019, Lendela launched full-fledged loan brokering operations in Singapore and Hong Kong and is planning to launch in more Asian cities in 2020.

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The Lendela team

Nima Karimi CEO Lendela

Nima Karimi
Founder & CEO

Nima has extensive experience in Insurtech and Fintech, working with business development for more than 10 years. He successfully led the launch of several disruptive consumer products such as an innovative C2C-warranty/insurance for cars, He also worked on the launch of Zmarta, the largest loan broker and personal finance platform in the Nordics. In recent years, Nima has launched products in almost every area of Fintech including credit cards, savings, pensions, mortgages and SME financing.