PixCap has built a browser-based, 3D animation software platform, making advanced animation production available to anyone with a tablet or laptop and at a low cost. Anyone can collaborate since the application is entirely on the browser. The platform enables users to form virtual teams across the world to co-edit or provide feedback on animation projects. Learn more at https://pixcap.com/

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The PixCap team

Cj Headshot

CJ Looi
CEO & Co-founder

Prior to PixCap, CJ was head of computer vision and deep learning at Dorabot, a fast-growing robotics company in Shenzhen, China. CJ has worked with notable scientists in computer vision and robotics, including Gary Bradski, Founder of OpenCV and Peter Corke, Professor of Robotics at QUT. With a fast growing demand for 3D content across media, games, AR/VR and films, CJ aims to make 3D animation and content significantly more accessible and collaborative with PixCap.

Cyril Headshot

Cyril Nie
CTO & Co-founder

Cyril is an experienced full stack engineer. He helped engineer scalable and highly distributed systems in the cloud for financial institutions and FTSE companies. After receiving his Master’s degree in Computer Science in University College London, Cyril directed his attention to Greenfield projects for companies and startups. These projects were varied and touched topics such as experimental clinical trials and prediction of consumer spending behaviour. Cyril uses his backend and app development experiences to build PixCap, the first collaborative 3D animation editor on the browser.