SensorFlow, an alumnus of the inaugural Entrepreneur First cohort in Singapore, makes smart buildings a reality. The software and hardware provider delivers a smart, wireless IoT solution that monitors, analyses, and automates the hotel room environment. Using wireless sensors to gather real-time data from within rooms, the solution automates decision making, optimises energy efficiency and provides key insights to executives. SensorFlow minimises energy wastage, reduces carbon footprints and helps make the world a greener place. And best of all – SensorFlow’s clients save up to 40% on their energy bill from day one.

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The SensorFlow team

Sensorflow Sai 01

Saikrishnan Ranganathan
Founder & CEO

Driven by the vision to mitigate global challenges, Sai has consistently worked towards engineering solutions that are practical, adaptable, and aligned with fighting climate change. One of the youngest thought leaders in the region, he was part of the Entrepreneur First cohort. Sai has a background in energy management and smart home automation and has worked extensively on energy monitoring solutions for schools, data centres, homes, malls, and factories. Being an industry expert in areas such as IoT, AI, and digital transformation for buildings, Sai has been invited to speak at a number of international conferences, seminars, events and panels.

Sensorflow Max 02

Max Pagel
Founder & CTO

Max has a background in software and hardware development and has worked extensively on research projects on the interoperability of IoT technology. After obtaining his Master’s Degree in Computer Science at the University of Lübeck in Germany, he freelanced as a photographer before moving to Singapore in 2013. From there, working as a research associate for the Felicitous Computing Institute at the National University of Singapore, he focused on developing advanced frameworks for IoT. His work was published and demonstrated at the IoT Conference 2015 held in Seoul where he won the Best Demo award.