Shomvob is a Dhaka-based startup providing full-stack HR tech solutions to bridge the gap between companies and job seekers. With a focus on the underserved blue and silver-collar workers, Shomvob is dedicated to creating a level playing field in the job market, its solutions are designed to support sustainable and long-term growth in emerging markets, aligned with the UN’s SDGs for no poverty and decent work. Read more at shomvob.co.

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The Shomvob team

Rifad Hossain

Rifad Hossain

Rifad Hossain, founder and CEO of Shomvob, is an electrical engineer with eight years of experience in the FMCG, retail, and logistics industries. He has a proven track record in large-scale manufacturing and business control within the world’s second-largest RMG (readymade garment) industry. Rifad’s ability to translate big data into actionable insights, combined with his strong determination for execution, sets him apart in driving significant visions and solving critical problems while building a scalable business.


Naqib Muhammad Faiyaz

Naqib Muhammad Faiyaz, co-founder and CTO of Shomvob, is an electrical engineer and MBA with over ten years of experience in digital product development and tech infrastructure building. He worked as the development lead for a super app named ‘mygp,’ which boasts over 40 million users in Bangladesh and is regarded as one of the country’s most widely used mass applications. Naqib is passionate about developing scalable digital products to solve large-scale problems.


Hasibur Rahman

Hasibur Rahman, co-founder and COO of Shomvob, is an MBA and seasoned entrepreneur who has successfully exited two of his early ventures. He founded a marketing agency, working with large-scale populations for distribution and logisticw, which gives him an edge in reaching the masses. Hasibur excels in ground-level operations, gathering insights, and implementing strategies to run businesses smoothly.