The Iterative Collective is an indie game publisher founded by game developers who set out to tackle the problems faced by indie developers in the games industry. With an experienced core team and a network of industry veteran mentors, The Iterative Collective provides a holistic and structured approach to incubating and publishing independent games, ensuring that game development studio partners produce games of a world-class standard. Learn more at https://https://theiterative.co//

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The Iterative Collective team

Matthew Tic

Matthew Quek
CEO & co-founder

Matthew Quek is a game industry veteran with extensive experience in game development and publishing across the Asia-Pacific region. Before founding The Iterative Collective, Matthew was a Senior R&D engineer at Virtuos, a studio responsible for co-developing AAA games for major global publishers. During his time at Virtuos, he gained a deep understanding of game development and the technical aspects of creating high-quality games. Matthew also served as the Technology Director at Epicsoft Asia, a leading regional distributor of PC and console games in Asia. His experience in game distribution and publishing gives him a unique perspective on the industry, which he leverages to help independent game developers bring their games to market.

Haskel Tic

Haskel Chua
CTO & co-founder

Haskel Chua holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Game Design from Digipen Institute of Technology and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the gaming industry. Before co-founding The Iterative Collective, Haskel led a successful career at JoyDash, where he was credited with successfully launching two games. He went on to start his own game development house, PseudoPixels, where he led a team of skilled developers and learned first-hand the value of having a strong publishing partner for the successful launch of games.