BuyMed operates Thuocsi.vn, the leading e-commerce healthcare marketplace in Vietnam since 2018. The platform serves healthcare practices including pharmacies by providing a wide variety of products with quality service and fast delivery. BuyMed’s mission is to make it easy to both research and order pharmaceuticals & supplies so that practitioners can spend more time caring for their patients.

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The BuyMed team

Peternguyen Ceo Headshot

Peter Nguyen
CEO & co-founder

Peter was a consultant on a variety of issues including diabetes, medical devices, and dialysis for clients like Eli Lilly, Roche and Siemens. Peter was also the founder of the CEIBS-Siemens Centre for Sustainability and Supply Chain Management in Shanghai where he developed frameworks for sustainable profits across China’s supply chains. As a student, Peter started Gankbuy, a group buying website.

Hoangnguyen Cpo Headshot

Hoang nguyen
cpo & co-founder

Hoang is managing product and growth. Hoang consulted within the healthcare and technology industries across Southeast Asia and China and worked on marketing strategy, distribution support policy, and expansion planning for major healthcare companies including Abbott, Roche, and Siemens. He also co-founded his first healthcare startup in California to provide on-demand, dental crowns.

Vuvuong Coo Headshot

Vu Vuong
coo & co-founder

Vu got his passion for healthcare from his parents who own and operate one of the leading healthcare distribution companies in central Vietnam. Through his extensive experience in the healthcare industry he came to understand the inefficiencies of its distribution and sales and has made it his life-long mission to improve healthcare in his country.