Will Klippgen

Will is the co-founder of price comparison site Zoomit.com, which was later merged with Kelkoo.com and sold to Yahoo in 2004 in one of Europe’s largest internet transactions. And none of this would have been possible if someone hadn’t believed in him, his ideas and his company Zoomit, at a very early stage.

Will has since paid it forward, having invested in over 25 startups since he became an angel investor in Singapore in 2004 as part of his family investment company Tigris Capital. Indeed, this is the same name behind numerous Singapore success stories including PropertyGuru, Anacle Systems, Tickled Media, ReferralCandy and Nugit. In 2010, Tigris Capital was awarded “Best Performing VC / PE backed company” by the Singapore Venture Capital Association for its successful investment in PropertyGuru.com, Southeast Asia’s leading property listing site.

William comes with both practical hands on experience of starting, running and scaling up a business as well as a rolodex of contacts.

I was looking for an investor who had deep understanding of Asian internet businesses and understood business coupled with product. It was cherry on the ice cream that William was also a founder himself.

William was my first angel investor and he’s helped me in a plethora of ways – from strategy, to founder coaching to assistance during crisis management and introductions to later stage investors. As a sole founder, the entrepreneurship path is very lonely and exhausting, I am very grateful to have had his guidance during the overwhelming early years.



Roshni Mahtani, Founder & CEO of Tickled Media Pte Ltd

Will isn’t just a Silicon Valley veteran, he also spent a good amount of time backpacking around Southeast Asia before it even became a hotspot. It would seem that the trip kindled his interest in the region, but in fact, it kick-started a journey that would see him becoming one of the first tech investors in Asia.

I knew Will from our previous co-investment in a start-up and my partner knew him from Insead – In fact, Will is the one who introduced us before we started PropertyGuru. Will brings digital industry and operational expertise, a strong SEA/European network, and he’s passionate and willing to contribute ideas and advice. He helped us especially in the early years think through our product, mobile, UX and growth strategies as well as connected us to relevant/useful people. The early years were the hardest and we needed and greatly appreciated the support and stabilising advice.


Steve Melhuish, CEO & Co-founder of PropertyGuru Pte Ltd

Will splits his time between Singapore and Europe. In his time in Singapore, he has worked with a number of government agencies that promote entrepreneurship including SPRING Singapore, Infocomm Investments and the Media Development Authority. He is a frequent speaker and judge at startup conferences around Asia while these days also managing INSEAD Alum Ventures, an early-stage venture fund for alumni of INSEAD Business School globally.

Read more about Will on linkedin.com/in/alwaysinnovate/