Frontline Founders Photo

Frontline Industrial Software today announced that it has raised a $700k seed round led by Cocoon Capital to revolutionize construction planning with its proprietary simulation and optimisation software. The software uses artificial intelligence to identify the most efficient and cost-effective construction plans for complex infrastructure, civil, energy, industrial and residential projects. The optimization is done in seconds instead of several hours, helping construction companies save significant time and costs when delivering complex projects.

Construction projects often involve thousands of inter-connected activities that compete for the same resources. Developing an optimized construction plan is therefore traditionally a very complex and time-consuming task, even for current project management software solutions. Due to the time pressure faced in the industry, developing a sufficiently optimized plan is therefore rarely even possible. As a result, construction projects waste precious time and resources. Frontline believes the global construction industry loses up to $96 billion every year due to the lack of proper project management. 

With Frontline, construction teams can simulate thousands of options and find the most cost and time-effective solutions. This is a significant improvement compared to existing construction planning tools that offer limited options for optimization.

Luis Martinez, CEO and Co-Founder of Frontline Industrial Software, said: “Frontline’s ‘plug-and-play’ solution seamlessly integrates into the existing work processes of construction companies and uses existing data to deliver insights that were simply not available before.” Frontline’s software is already being used by international construction companies in the infrastructure, energy and residential sectors. Customers have seen project timeline savings of up to 3 months and a 6% reduction in costs, which is significant in a slim-margin business.

A report by McKinsey & Company states that construction technology investments grew from $1 billion in 2017 to $10 billion in 2020, signaling a strong interest in increasing efficiency. A survey by KPMG found that 91% of construction industry executives believe that digital transformation is important for their business while only 19% have a digital strategy in place. Frontline’s technology addresses the productivity challenges faced by the industry, making it a timely and extremely cost-efficient solution. 

“We are excited to support the Frontline team as they continue to drive innovation in the construction industry. With the estimated $26 billion global construction technology market by 2027 and the widespread adoption of digital productivity solutions by over 80% of construction companies, a substantial market gap awaits smart software that optimizes project execution”, said Will Klippgen, Managing Partner of Cocoon Capital.